Current Staff

 Eugene Sax
Contributing Writer

eugeneOhio University student; Game designer; and avid gamer. Eugene tries to to play as much as he has time for between making games and his work. Whenever he can, he always plays, always looking for the next challenge.

 Kenneth McNulty
Contributing Writer

kenI’m a gamer who likes to game. I write, run podcasts and make video content for the thrill of the sport! I’m 20 years old and reside in Athens Ohio, enjoy short walks on Battle Ship Bay and love what I do!

Andy Erb
Contributing Writer

brighterWhether it’s listening to the coolest music, watching movies, or editing all of Tech Heads’ video, Andy is constantly creating content for Tech Heads. Our newest videos are edited by him, and he is a big fan of Rubik’s cubes and Radiohead.

 Alex Schmitz
Contributing Writer

schmitzAlex is a Film major at Ohio University and lover of all things Nintendo. He has written for ZeldaInformer.com and is the host of an anime podcast called Shredded Cels. You can follow his exploits on Twitter @DarthSchmitz or on Tumblr as FierceAlchemist.

 Austin Linfante
Contributing Writer

austinAustin is a journalism student that somehow has a lot of time for video games and on-demand television. However, he has an insanely large backlog when it comes to entertainment, so the fact that he’s able to contribute to this website is quite a miracle. He is also easily lured by popcorn, Cards Against Humanity and any opportunity to write.

Amy Elyse Brighter
Contributing Writer

brighterOhio University journalism major who simply loves to get her game on. When I get away from my schoolwork, you can find me on PSN and Steam at brighter_darker, and on twitter @aebrighter.



Past Contributors

Eric R. Miller
Contributing Editor
Eric bio PicEric R. Miller is an up and coming freelance video game journalist born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Between chasing platinum trophies and scouring the internet for gaming news, he occasionally says witty and funny things on Twitter, produces awesome music, and enjoys riding bikes.

Trista Thurston

557987_10200185215128023_119526830_nWhen she’s not saving Hyrule or travelling to far away lands via the wonderfully fragrant pages of novels, freshman journalism student Trista Thurston can be found doing any multitude of random activities. She is the current producer. You can follow her internet exploits @DearTristaMaria, on Facebook, and also on tumblr.

Kyle Wiggers
Editor in Chief

Kyle WiggersKyle Wiggers is an avid writer, web designer, podcaster, and video producer with an acute interest in all things technology. When not reviewing or commentating on gadgets, apps, and videos, he enjoys reading New Yorker feature articles, tinkering with computers, and playing the occasional game of Rock Me Archimedes.

Gabe Gurwin
Gaming Editor

gabegravatar2bigGabe memorizes vast amounts of Metacritic scores for no reason and enjoys listening to blink-182 while reading video game tie-in novels. He hates mayonnaise and loves pretty much anything Christopher Nolan gets his hands on. When he’s not playing Splinter Cell, Halo, Ghost Recon or Castlevania, he’s probably offending you over on Twitter @GamingAngelGabe.

Jonah Ort
Contributing Writer

ortJonah Ort picked up his first game controller in 1997 and has been hooked ever since. Although he has a love for first-person shooters and racing games, he enjoys any game that’s fun and makes him think. When he’s not playing games, Jonah’s usually listening to records or writing poetry.

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