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Andrew Gleason


Oscar Picks Throughout the Ages

With the Oscar’s rapidly approaching, office pools growing larger, and stakes mounting as people begin to wonder if something other than Boyhood will …


Civilization: Beyond Earth Review

Sid Meier’s Civilization has always long since become one of my favorite franchises. The creation of your own kind of culture and …


Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review

Mario leaps off the platform to up-B Sonic straight in the face, causing many kids who grew up in the 90′s (especially …


Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

There has been a lot of talk of comparing Captain America: The Winter Soldier to The Avengers, and while it doesn’t quite reach that height, it is definitely the best of the stand-alone movies released thus far. It makes the wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron almost unbearable.


The Journey to Game & Watch: How Unlockables Brought Us Together

Growing up, Super Smash Brothers Melee was my group’s favorite game. Sure, we played a lot of Halo 2 and Soul Calibur II, but we poured the most hours into Melee. My friends used to come over after school to play round after round of the Nintendo fighting game, and on the weekends we would stay up until three or four in the morning just playing Melee, drinking pop, and having a good time. Some of the most fun we had with the game was unlocking all the characters, especially the mysterious Mr. Game & Watch.


Batman: Arkham Origins Review

It’s always exciting seeing a new Arkham game hit the shelves. Arkham City was one of the best games to come out …

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