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Eric R. Miller


Velocity Ultra Review

Velocity Ultra is a fantastically addictive game that truly shows how cheap games can still shine.


Pivvot Review: Beserk Masochism

Masochism: the tendency to derive pleasure from one’s own pain or humiliation. It’s a term all too familiar to gamers who grew up …


Nintendo’s Console Identity Crisis

This morning, Nintendo held one of their typical Nintendo Direct presentations. Focused on the 3DS almost entirely, the short 35 minute announcement …

IMG_0374 (1)

Super Hexagon Review

Many will try, and few will master. In the end, everyone who plays Super Hexagon will experience frustration, bliss, and concentration in this sublime package.


Gun Commando Review

Gun Commando attempts to write a love letter to old school PC shooters. Unfortunately, it falls short of its aspirations.


Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Review

Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath shows a level of polish and care not seen in many other HD remakes, providing for one of the better remakes to grace Sony’s systems.

Disney's Epic Mickey Concept Art JLW

Epic Mickey 2 Coming to a Vita Near You

This morning, Disney and Junction Point Software announced that the developers most recent game, Epic Mickey 2, is coming to the PlayStation Vita sometime this year.


Sine Mora Review (PS3/Vita)

Sine Mora, one of the premier shoot-em-up games on the Xbox 360 last spring, has finally made its way to the PlayStation …

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