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Eugene Sax


Starbound Beta Impressions

I learned about this game from a passing comment from a friend. While there wasn’t much in the way of marketing or …


Black Rock Shooter Review

Black Rock Shooter is a action RPG developed by ImageePoch and NIS America (a branch of Nippon Ichi software) for the PSP, …

bioshock-infinite (1)

Bioshock Infinite Review

The Bioshock series has always been a game of experience. It’s an experience that will leave you with wonder and questions. This should not be considered a negative aspect, as it normally leaves people with a very satisfying experience. The same rings true for the latest installment, Bioshock Infinite.


Jetpack Joyride Review

Jetpack Joyride is worth checking out for anyone with a mobile device. Why not, it’s free right? The game is simple, fun, and addicting.

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