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Kenneth McNulty


The Top 5 Games in Games

A misleading title, I know but here’s the issue: sports are fun. Oh one can argue that physical activity is trivial and …


Hunter’s Diary: The Long Haul

So you got yourself a sword huh? You’ve shown you’re pretty good with it? Well that’s fantastic! Go ahead and swing it …


What Villains Teach Us

The list goes on, but the fact remains, players and viewers love a good twist, and they love a relate-able or unexpected villain.


Garry’s Mod: A History of Fun

There’s always the single-player where gamers can enjoy their creative side and build bath tubs that fly and fight hundreds of spawned foes that fit their liking. With Garry’s Mod, the world is the player’s burrito, with limitless options and with much fun to be had.

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