Bravest Warriors Review


Pendleton Ward, the creator of the hit show Adventure Time, wasn’t content with just one show. The first episode of the Bravest Warriors online show premiered November 8th 2012 and the series is on its eighth episode to date. The show keeps the quirky humor that Pendleton Ward is known for: weird names, mispronounced or slightly altered words, over the top scenarios – it’s all inclusive. The best part of the new series is that Ward is working with Cartoon Hangover online, an online production company, so he doesn’t have to censor or limit what his characters can say or do. It’s nothing over the top, but they can insinuate more adult themes without stepping on any toes.

The first episode opens up with the main protagonists: Chris Kirkman, the leader of the Bravest Warriors. He has fun, but makes sure missions get completed. He is alson known for totally crushing on Beth – ask anyone in the crew.  Speaking of, Beth Tezuka is the next character on the roster. She is one of the smarter members of the crew and helps keep things together. Danny Vasquez is the inventor of the team and brings a healthy dose of spunk and slick moves; this kid has attitude in the best way. This trio is sent a mission from Supreme Chancellor Gale.  She uses the transmitter to request help from the Courageous Battlers. In response to this, Beth reveals that the Courageous Battlers disappeared years before and more importantly, they were the Bravest Warriors parents. Gale accepts this and they end up at the moon that needed saving. That’s where Wallow is waiting for them, the genius and lovable oaf of the team. It’s not long until the warriors are told that a time flux has been ravaging the colony and if they don’t do something fast it’ll be totally not cool.


The show has a menagerie of ridiculous moments, (like the one listed above). For instance, when the chancellor meets the crew, the viewer finds out Wallow and her already had a history. When she tries to shake his hand again, his gauntlets become jealous and say: “Who is this harlot?! We shall settle this with fisticuffs!” His glove then begins to jab with Wallow’s pinky at Gale. One of the other famous lines in the series is when Beth regales the crew with the tale of when “that moon dragon totally got the wrong idea and kept trying to have sassy moments with our aft boosters.” Ward does his best to mix in the offbeat comedy he’s famous for and has a fun time with the rest of the series.

The other episodes include: The Emotion Lord, where the crew deals with a strange man who can manipulate time and space but does it in such a strange way that the warriors can’t really get him to stop. He makes their mouths fill with cashews, spawns dozens of chocolate puppies, things that the warriors weren’t quite ready for. The third episode is Butter Lettuce, this is where Chris is using the holo-bathroom to play an intense role playing game when Wallow and Danny step in and you find out through conversation and hilarious incidents that Chris likes Beth. The boys are stuck inside when Beth activates her butter lettuce simulation and hilarity ensues. The fourth episode is Memory Donk where the crew doesn’t remember who they are for unknown reasons and need to stop a flying space bus from crashing into a convention center, it’s intense.


The fifth episode is called the Bunless, this episode covered the difficult relationship between two spirits that must take physical form by residing in the derrieres of Beth and Chris. They must make their spirit companions fall back in love to save a planet from sure destruction. The sixth episode Lavarinth delves deeper into the dark secrets of the Emotion Lord and the viewer finds out more of Chris’ future. The seventh episode Gas Powered Stick has Beth’s friend Plum come over to the warrior’s “invisible” hideout and Chris gets x-ray vision.  The eighth episode is Dan Before Time, where the viewer learns of Dan’s past and why puking is his least favorite thing.

If the readers here are interested in space combat mingled with the eccentric mind of Pendleton Ward, then Bravest Warriors is a show to keep up with. Viewers can watch new episode’s every Thursday on Cartoon Hangover’s channel on YouTube, or it can be viewed on the official website.



Edit: Fixed misspelling of Pendleton Ward’s name.

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