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This is where we get on our soapbox and tell you what we think, no matter what that is.


Once More ‘Round The Sun Review

The sixth studio LP for Atlanta-based sludge/stoner/progressive metal band Mastodon (one can categorize them any number of ways) is a loud showing. Once …

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Christmas Island Review

“Stevie Wonder to the bullshit, Stevie Wonder to the bullshit, baby.” One would expect nothing less than those lines of the dubious …

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Shakira Review

Shakira’s latest self-titled album Shakira, is another solid effort in a long line of respectable pop music. The Columbian songstress released her first studio …


What Villains Teach Us

The list goes on, but the fact remains, players and viewers love a good twist, and they love a relate-able or unexpected villain.


Killer7: A Retrospective

There really is no game out there that took as many risks as Killer7 did, and it should be lauded for that reason alone. Killer7 may be uncouth as a video game, but taken as a work of art, it’s a masterpiece.

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