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Starbound Beta Impressions

I learned about this game from a passing comment from a friend. While there wasn’t much in the way of marketing or …


BROFORCE Alpha Impressions

To put it frankly, if explosions, gore, ’80s action, and not so subtle ties to American bravado are your thing, this game will deliver on that and then some.


The Alphas

As many a gamer knows, all games go through an Alpha and Beta testing phase in order to figure out what works …


Humans vs. Zombies Infects Athens

Grown men and women start carrying around toy guns, people start hiding behind bushes, and the bandana becomes a popular fashion accessory. What is the meaning of all this? The answer is simple: Humans vs. Zombies.


C-Wars Beta Impressions

The Onipunks website advertises C-Wars as a cyberpunk action role-playing game with RTS and roguelike elements. Upon release, C-Wars will be available …

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