Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Review

Fire Emblem Cover picThe Fire Emblem series has affected players around the world, uniting them all under one banner. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is another entry in the franchise that will continue the story players are familiar with, but this time with a new character: Ike of the Greil Mercenaries. The Greil Mercenaries were named after Ike’s father, and they are seasoned warriors employed as guards. Ike’s dream is to be with the mercenaries when they all go out to the battlefield.

Upon turning on the game, as always, the player is met with a video at the title screen that shows what each class is and what each character looks like, along with a simple glance at the story and its beautifully rendered cutscenes. When the player taps the “start” button, he or she is faced with the selection of which file to begin the game with and is then thrown into Ike’s life. The player follows Ike through his childhood and becoming a mercenary with his father and his sister, Mist. However, one unfortunate night, Ike’s Father is caught in a fight with the legendary Black Knight and loses. Ike watches his father fall, and inherits the Greil Mercenary Company.

Battle Movement

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance shows us the heartwrenching sadness of a teenager with no mother, and shows him watching the loss of his father for no apparent reason. Ike is tossed into the fray and begins throwing work at the other mercenaries, while also trying to keep his composure. The game quickly moves forward as Ike begins to join forces with the Crimean army against the Daein invasion.

The player will make decisions through the entirety of the game to determine what seems to be the better choice as he or she listens to Ike’s feelings and the dilemma of the Fire Emblem, Lehran’s Medallion, falling into the wrong hands. Daein’s army is in search of this relic to gain the ultimate power. Someone of absolute balance must hold the medallion, but if one holds it and is not in balance, the holder goes berserk.


Ike and the player’s story will move the Greil Mercenaries across the continent of Tellius against the Daein army, forcing the Crimean throne back into succession. The entire time, the player is met with tension across the continent of the Laguz as they attempt to regain their own stature in this world. Beorc, the humans, are not too fond of the Laguz, and vise-versa, but Ike is the poster child that enforces respect, and people soon see the good in the hearts of the shapeshifters.

There is no multiplayer , but the game requires a very large amount of tactic and special ideas to help you win the fights with next to no casualities. As in all Fire Emblem game, if a unit is killed, they will NOT come back into the game unless they are important to the story. Because of the lack of technology at the time, there is no downloadable content and no online player or connection for new content. The controller setup is new due to it being the first to release on the Gamecube while most are used to the comfort of their handheld systems.


If you wish to find company in that of mercenaries, pick up Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Not only will you find yourself constantly immersed in the story of each and every character, but you will feel as though you are one of those characters yourself. Pick up your forgotten Gamecube controller and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Follow Ike and the Greil Mercenaries and stop the world from falling into chaos!


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