Gun Commando Review

Gun Commando 1

One of the more overlooked aspects of the PlayStation ecosystem is PlayStation mobile. Intended for smaller, bite-sized games, it is a platform that largely goes unnoticed by many of the PlayStation faithful. Ripstone games, publisher of the recently released Knytt Underground, aims to bring a unique mode of gaming to the mobile game genre: Doom-esque shooting.  Gun Commando has a quirky style that makes it stand out, but it’s unfortunately held back by some shallow gameplay.

Anyone who has played Id’s classic titles from the ’90s will feel at home with this game. You move around a pseudo-3D world, shooting two-dimensional enemies. You are cast into the role of Jack, hired to do kill for some unknown reason. The story is unclear and hard to follow, but luckily, the gameplay here is fairly competent.

Controls are fairly easy to grasp, with the usual move, aim, and shoot buttons doing what you expect. In the style of the genre, health packs are strewn about the level, and enemies charge at you with little to no regard for their personal well being. Only being able to aim side to side makes things easier to play, but it also makes the levels less complex and easier to get through. At the each of end mini-level (a small arena with a few enemies), you’re given a score based on your kills and other factors. It’s a nice little rating system, but it’s hard to understand what exactly constitutes as a bonus.

Gun Commando is a fun little game that can provide some enjoyment on the go. Though the style is antiquated and might be a bit hard to swallow for some modern gamers, some people may find this game to scratch an itch that has gone unnoticed. There’s not much content here or a big story to be gripped by, so proceed with caution. This is one unique PlayStation Mobile game that’s enjoyable, but not for everyone.


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