Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review


Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, developed by Sanzaru games, returns players to their favorite lovable raccoon thief. The Theiveus Raccoonus, Sly’s family heirloom for all the thieving tricks of the trade, is starting to disappear from existence. Someone is going back in time and erasing Cooper history piece by piece. It’s up to Sly and his friends Bently and Murry to find out who is behind this dastardly plot.

Old fans of the series will enjoy going back to the nostalgic days of Sly Cooper on the PS2. The graphics still remain in the same style as the previous games, but are a fantastic display nonetheless. Players will remember the classic “BAM!” and puffs of smoke as they stealth kill their enemies. Every piece of scenery in the game makes you want to see all of it. Whether the players are in the modern day Paris, Feudal Japan, or anywhere else the game goes, the environment draws players into the game and invites them to explore what each level has to offer.


Players get to play as multiple different characters throughout the game. Sly, Bently and Murry play the same as they have in the previous Sly Cooper games. Players also get to control Carmelita Fox and Sly’s ancestors. Each character has his or her own play style, unique abilities, and entertaining personality. Controls are the same style as previous games. Old veterans will be able to get back into it without any trouble, but the controls aren’t hard enough that new players won’t be able to quickly pick it up.

Collectibles return in this game as well, and not just the infamous clue bottles the game is known for. In each level, there are also many treasures that players can find and return to the hideout. These treasures give the player a little extra cash, and they give a nice unique feeling depending on where the treasure is from. There are also “Sly masks” lying around the levels, unlocking new costumes and skins for the players’ favorite characters. Collectibles have always been a big part of the Sly Cooper games, and they have upgraded the fun of collecting in Thieves in Time. Collecting all of the clue bottles or treasures in a level also unlocks a special reward of either a mini game or an item that will help players throughout the game.


Audio in the game is also very well done. Each audio track in the game depends on location. With each new level, there is a new soundtrack to go with it. Paired with the environment, it is very easy to get immersed in the game. Each level draws players in, and the story keeps them there.

The game is cross-buy with the PS Vita. With that, players also get a nifty “cross-play” feature. As they play on the PS3, players are able to sync play progress with the Vita. Players can hold the Vita up to the screen and use the Vita as a treasure radar. Clue bottles and treasures getting difficult to find? Now players can find those last pesky little collectibles that they are missing with the simple addition of the Vita. The game also features cross-save, so players are able to take your Sly adventure anywhere they go.

Thieves in Time is a wonderful continuation of the series. New players will have a small intro to the previous stories, but only enough to understand where the gang has come from. However, it’s not the worst idea to give the game a try. Replay value is minimal, sadly. The price for the game is also a strong selling point, as it’s cheaper than most (if not all) of it’s competition. Selling new at $40, especially for cross-buy, it is definitely worth your time and money.


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