Super Hexagon Review


“Just one more time.” It’s a line that can apply to many things in life. One more time on the roller coaster. One more time up to the buffet. Many games, especially mobile, have attempted to capture this feeling, but not many have succeeded. Super Hexagon is perhaps one of the most addictive, difficult games released on the iPhone. What seems like a simple premise captivates and engrosses you, providing one of the best games available on a mobile platform.

Super Hexagon is all about minimalism. From its simply designed menu to its easily understood but difficult to master control scheme, Cavanaugh’s expert design does little to separate the player from the game. Players direct a simple triangle whose sole purpose is to avoid the constant assault of trapezoidal walls. The goal is to last at least 60 seconds in each mode by rotating back and forth to pass through the open gaps in the wall. The only problem? It’s much easier said than done.

There’s no tutorial to speak of, so your advancement and your (hopeful) accomplishment are all determined through pure trial and error. The names of the difficulty levels indicate the challenge that lies ahead. There are six variants: hard, harder hardest, hardester, hardestest, and hardestestest. You’re going to fail your first few dozen times. You will scream, yell, and possibly even want to throw your device against the wall in anger. The game procedurally generates the walls of polygons, making it impossible to complete this game through pure memorization. Super Hexagon will test your reflexes and skills as a gamer.


As you progress, Super Hexagon keeps the experience from becoming stagnant. The screen’s rotation will reverse, or even speed up rapidly to disorient you. The hexagonal patterns may shift to pentagons and even squares to force a change in your strategy. It’s a game that’s designed to take away the player advantage, making it a test of reflexes and reactions.

The game’s minimalistic and flashy visuals are accompanied by one of the most repetitive yet addictive soundtracks in any mobile game. Composed by Chipzel, the soundtrack’s electronic pulses and rhythms parallel the frenetic pace at which Super Hexagon progresses. It elevates the game and makes the experience that much richer.

The lack of visual content complements the game’s design. With minimal menus, it takes only seconds to retry a level. With so little standing between you and the game, five and ten second attempts can easily morph into twenty or thirty minute playing sessions. It’s not unfeasible that a quick play session can easily turn into a time suck. Super Hexagon makes its players work for success, and it’s extremely rewarding.


At $2.99, it’s almost a must buy for any iOS gamer looking for a challenge. It’s a game that is sure to frustrate many, but for those who find the serenity in the tension of failure, no other game provides a more satisfying experience. Many will try, and few will master. In the end,  Super Hexagon provides frustration, bliss, and concentration in one sublime package.


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