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DnD in Borderlands 2? Heck yes! (Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Review)

So Gearbox released its new Borderlands DLC earlier last week, and it was something else. Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep brings the playful action that the series is known for, while intermingling a deeper story that drives the campaign along. It brings out the essence of what it means to play and be a part of Dungeons and Dragons, while still cutting into the adrenaline thumping action cake that is Borderlands.


Halo 4 Campaign Review

Halo 4 brings new life to a series that was meant to be over. Many gamers, and even lovers of the series, felt awkward about bringing a new game to the series, but almost all agree that this is a fantastic new direction to take it.


Rock Band Blitz Review

Remember 2007? The PlayStation 2′s glory days were waning. The Xbox and Gamecube were all about dead, and the current generation of …


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Modern Warfare 3 is still one of the most solid shooters out there, but the lack of innovation and changes to the formula prevent it from being one of the must have titles of this holiday season.


Saints Row: The Third Review

The culmination of everything Saints Row: The Third has adds up to an elephant with rocket launchers strapped to its arms, assaulting the Louvre for nachos.

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